Supercom analyzes Liverpool’s chances of qualifying for the UEFA Europa League second leg away at Atalanta.

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  • Liverpool will be due to compete in the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals, second leg, against Atalanta in Bergamo this Thursday night.
  • In the first match, the Reds lost completely with a score of 0-3 at Anfield.
Supercom analyzes Liverpool's chances of qualifying for the UEFA Europa League second leg away at Atalanta.

Opta, a famous statistics organization, uses intelligent AI or supercomputers. Analyze the chances of winning, including the chances of qualifying for the UEFA Europa League round of 8, the second leg between Liverpool will travel to Atalanta and Bergamo this Thursday.

Analysis of 10,000 virtual matches on supercomputers shows that Liverpool have a 46.4% chance of winning in 90 minutes, 27.2% of Atalanta and 26.4% of a draw.

However, with the condition of having to score 3 or more goals, the Reds will enter that round. As a result, from the calculation results, there is only 6% that Liverpool can beat Atalanta by more than 3 goals, including winning in a penalty shootout. While Atalanta’s chance of advancing to the next round is as high as 94%.

In addition, the Reds have already dropped out of the top 3 favorites to win the Europa League after a terrible performance in the first leg, with Opta giving Bayer Leverkusen the number one favorite with a chance of winning the championship at 37.2%. Second, Atalanta with 27% and Benfica third with 26%.

The ufabet game between Liverpool and Atalanta will take place at 2:00 a.m. Thailand time, along with three other matches: West Ham meets Bayer Leverkusen, Roma meets AC Milan and Olympique. Marseille vs Benfica