Marsh hopes Bamford will return to action soon.

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Leeds United manager Jesse Marsh hopes Patrick Bamford will return to action this week after suffering a serious injury and is not available for action.

I have to admit that Patrick Bamford is considered a key player. For Leeds United with a considerable number of goals. Although he has no previous experience in the English Premier League. But his personal performance is satisfactory. It was also an important part of helping Leeds United move up into the middle of the table in the first season of promotion. How much on the field

Of course, Patrick Bamford’s absence also has a huge impact on Leeds United’s attacking game. With fewer goals scored until Leeds United are now at the bottom of the table. Complete and randomly at risk of relegation as well. But the latest seems to have good news for Leeds United because Patrick Bamford can return to practice successfully. Which Jesse Marsh hopes to see. Patrick Bamford returns to the field for Leeds United.

I personally didn’t expect Patrick Bamford to be available immediately after a long absence. But I’m sure Patrick Bamford will need the opportunity to play to win. Fit is back after returning to training with his ยูฟ่าเบท team-mates. So having him as a substitute in the latest match is probably the best option for Patrick Bamford and hopefully the next 11 games. It remains to be seen that Patrick Bamford is back on the field as a starter again.