Morrison disagrees over withdrawal from the Carabao Cup.

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Derby County’s Jamaican midfielder Ravel Morrison has vehemently disagreed with Ralph Rangnick’s decision to want the English Premier League club to withdraw from the Carabao Cup. is also an important item

As we know, teams in the English Premier League play a lot more than teams from the top leagues of other countries because in addition to important events such as the English Premier League. There are also 2 football cups. The FA Cup and the Carabao Cup. Causing the main players of each team to enter the field more than necessary. Especially the top teams that still have European cup competitions, making the schedule very tight, there will be a rotation to send substitutes and young stars into the field in football cup

Especially in the FA Cup, where each big team is hardly serious. Even if they are eliminated quickly from the reserve team and young players. There is no problem. The current situation is not normal with the problem of Covid19. A severe outbreak around the world causing some matches to be canceled early. The schedule is getting more frequent plus. Ralph Rangnick is not doing well with the English Premier League teams having to play. In the Carabao Cup and should give better opportunities for smaller teams.

But Ravel Morrison disagrees with Ralph Rangnick because the Carabao Cup looks like a platform for the subs to prove themselves and the youngsters who are preparing to play. The first team will be able to adapt in a high-level arena. There is also Mikel Arteta confirmed that the Carabao Cup is still important for all teams. Because they are still the champions that every team wants as well.