‘South Tiger’ makes a second offer, buy ‘Ken’ 80 million plus add-on

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Bayern Munich did not give up their efforts. Move up the price in a new offer, submit to Spurs for a second round of 80 million euros, hoping to release Harry Kane. The center of the screen to attack the goal. come to football in the Bundesliga league soon

Sky Germany, a reliable Dan Beer media, reports that Bayern Munich. The German Bundesliga giants, have made an offer to buy Tottenham striker Harry Kane. Otspur, a สมัคร ufabet club in the English Premier League, is the second round of 80 million euros (68.25 million pounds) or about 3,602 million baht, plus add-ons. By this time they are waiting for an official answer from the London team.

'South Tiger' makes a second offer, buy 'Ken' 80 million plus add-on

Golden Spurs rejected the first offer of Bayern at around 70 million euros (£ 60 million) or about 2,701 million baht, plus add-ons two weeks ago. Causing them to come back to increase the value of the offer. Which began to move closer to the price Daniel Levy. The club’s president, had set at 94 million euros (80 million pounds) or about 3,598 million baht for teams in foreign leagues. 

The 29-year-old spearhead became the team’s first choice. Bavaria To come in and wear the number 9 shirt, he had to try to pull himself in. In which they have entered into a verbal agreement with the players who left the contract with the team for just one year is complete. Which further reports indicate that Sausage League Champion Will continue to endure in chasing Ken. If no response is received.

Spurs have not given up on convincing them The player is in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Although he wants to go out to find success in a career that has not been touched. By a football player and now has a tendency to Bayern. Because the chances of winning the trophy are quite high.  

The details of the new contract were not disclosed. But the media reported that. They have improved the wages of 200,000 pounds per week, or about 8.8 million baht, to increase a lot. It is expected to be at 300,000 pounds, or about 12.60 million baht per week. And hopes that the players will change their mind and sign a new contract. And continue to be the legend of the team