Bayern Munich 1-0 Arsenal: Issues after the game: “The Gunners” ended their dream of being eliminated from the Champions League.

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• Arsenal are still waiting to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League since 2009.

• Bayern Munich reached the semi-finals for the first time since 2020.

Bayern Munich 1-0 Arsenal: Issues after the game: "The Gunners" ended their dream of being eliminated from the Champions League.

Arsenal ended their Champions League journey only in the quarter-finals, with Bayern Munich continuing their journey back to a solid standard of play. And accelerate the pace to find the winning goal as desired in this game. Before entering the next round with a combined score of two games of 3-2, they went to meet Real Madrid in the semi-finals.

The first 45 minutes of caution

Meetings between the two teams this year It was considered to be close since the results of the pairing came out. The results of the first game were already tied. Each person can stab two wounds. Making this game both worried about losing goals on both sides, Bayern didn’t quite hold their own. Having to play the game and wait for a counterattack, while Arsenal got to play the way they liked. Set the ball from the defensive line and play a lot of balls.

But they couldn’t penetrate because Bayern was tight and disciplined. and waiting for a chance to counter, which they did very well With someone like Jamal Musiala on the ball, a fast winger like Leroy Sane, and a center forward like Harry Kane, they are dangerous. Therefore, when the ยูฟ่าเบท game is trending, there is a chance for them to attack. They caused problems for the visiting team to worry about.

But with the game the home team’s defense isn’t that tight. As for the visiting team, they had a lesson in the first leg by attacking hard after not pushing as hard as they could. If they missed, they would be ruined. Therefore, the game came out in the form of if they didn’t get it, they must not waste it in the first 45 minutes. If the opportunity wasn’t opened, they weren’t ready to exchange it.

The first half statistics came out to be very close in terms of ball possession, passing, or even creating opportunities.

The last 45 minutes were fierce and experienced for the “Southern Tigers” game.

Bayern Munich The second half started with two chances to score. Of course, they didn’t score a goal, but in terms of morale, they were full of confidence that they could definitely open up the away team’s wounds. Bayern’s second half game Looking for a goal to take the lead We’ve seen more movement and involvement in Bayern’s midfield. Goretzka or Kimmich have been good players in the attacking game, especially Kimmich who has moved in from back. Play in the middle And then the team broke through. Until finally becoming an important scorer in this game From the moment of running in, he charged with full force in the penalty area. perfect

Arsenal, after conceding a goal, tried to speed up the game. Substitute substitutes to fight In contrast to Bayern Munich who adjusted their play to be more certain. Release the ball with an emphasis on certainty, causing Arsenal to chase the ball. That is a huge destruction of strength. The more time decreases, the more Arsenal rushes, the more tired they become. And finally, most importantly, the Gunners don’t have enough sharp finishers in the final area.

Conrad Laimer

Austrian midfielder He is a versatile midfielder who has played against Arsenal in both games. Serves to coordinate the movement of Martin Ödegaard, the Gunners attacking midfielder. His work was excellent, causing the flanker to not be able to play in the game where he needed to, directly affecting the away team’s attack. with his hard work throughout the game

The problem of creating opportunities for visiting teams

Arsenal finished this game with 3 shots on target, their fewest in many games. That means creating substandard chances in attack. And with the excellence of the home team’s defense, Arsenal needs to look at someone who is the main player in producing scores for the team. In addition to placing this burden on multiple players on the team, they share this work. Especially on days when you need someone. Who can they miss when they need a goal? When was the last time Gabriel Cechus and Eddie Enketia scored? The first one was in late January. The other one will go there in October 2023. Is this the natural target of the team contending for the championship?

Kai Havetz’s False 9 play has been a great addition this season. And it actually worked well. But he is not someone who will stand out in scoring goals. And he is not, after all, the goal-scoring player that one would hope he would score in droves each season. But see it as an option in each game that increases the chances of helping the team be a winner.